Brohemian Rhapsody -College Humor-

Estos tipos de en verdad que son brillantes 😀

Acá la letra:

Is this the frat life
This is so phat to me
Hittin’ the ice-luge
This is the sickest party
Open your thighs
Give my bros high fives, so sweet
I’m just a frat boy, taking virginities
Because it’s golf pros, tennis hoes
Gettin’ high with my bros
Anyway this bitch blows, doesnt really matter to me
To me

Harlan, just killed a keg
God I rule at Tony Hawk
Dude you suck, don’t even talk
Duncan, we’re up at beer pong
If you don’t sink 5 cups you’re such a gay
You guys, brooos
I’m so f-ing drunk
If Im not out of bed on time tomorrow
Wake me up, wake me up
I can’t miss Western Civ

Oh great, I have to piss
Break the seal yeah now it’s time
What the hell is with this line
Goodbye everybody, I’ve got to go
Gotta leave you all behind and pee outside
Oh no, duuude (There’s a cop car)
Damn you Gamma Pi
I sometimes wish I never had pledged at all

I see a little party foul over there
What a douche, what a douche someone get the mop bucket
Chad and Moose are fighting
What is with this lighting here
Broke a lamp, broke a lamp
Broke a lamp, broke a lamp
Shards of glass inside my foot
Oh God oh ow ow ow ow
I tried to jump it thought I could clear it
He tried to jump it, he’s a drunk idiot
Get him some gauze for his lamp injury
Easy Trent, easy bro, think I’m bout to blow
(Vomit noise) No! We will not let you bro, let me bro!
(Vomit noise) No! We will not let you bro, let me bro!
(Vomit noise) No! We will not let you bro, let me bro!
Will not let you bro, let me bro!
Will not let you bro, let me bro!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Dude I’m gonna, dude I’m gonna, dude I’m gonna let me bro
Fuck all you guys, I’m gonna puke and rally, rally, rally

Swear to God I’m not crying, there’s shit in my eye
You guys promised to love me until we all died
Oh Logan, cant do this to me Logan
Just gotta get hugged, just gotta hug it out here

Brotherhood’s forever,
Anyone can see,
Nothing really matters, Bro-dy

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